The project


Smart Food Innovation is born with the will to be a link between the food industry and consumers. A bidirectional link in which both parties benefit.

Innovating innovation

Our aim is to support the companies R + D + i area. A support for them to be able to adapt to an ever-changing environment where consumers are increasingly demanding. Only then the future in commercial terms will secure.Often when thinking about innovation, one may imagine large research processes, costly in terms of time and resources and with an uncertain outcome. We want to offer another point of view; redefining innovation as an upgrade of small issues that has a big impact on consumers. These aspects will make the product more satisfying for the buyers. In Smart Food Innovation we believe that innovation begins by identifying the product features to be improved and there is no one more qualified to do so that than your potential buyers. Therefore we take them as a fundamental part, marking the beginning of the innovation process. We are so confident that together we can develop new packaging, new presentations and products that will appeal to the most demanding consumers

Consumers 2.0

The consumer profile has changed considerably. The criteria by which consumers choose one product over another are more complex and include more and more health-related factors. This has resulted in a consumers generation concerned about their welfare and therefore more demanding with the options offered by the food industry. Smart Food Innovation provides consumers with tools to express what they consider important in their diet, as well as the necessary information for them to expand their critical sense regarding food products.

Our Pillars


We are aware of the need to ensure both, consumers and companies, strict confidentiality regarding the personal data of consumers and the know-how of companies. All Smart Food Innovation relationships with companies and consumers are covered by confidentiality agreements and strict compliance with the Data Protection Act.


To provide quality service you need to be rigorous with all aspects of our business. That is, rigorous with scientific and technical information and the collection and processing of data. Only then will we be accurate in identifying areas for improvement and achieving the best way to do it


To ensure proper evaluation of the characteristics of a product, we must put aside all preconceived ideas. Therefore it is important to apply blind methods to ensure maximum objectivity in the evaluations made by consumers. Flexibility.

The food industry encompasses a vast number of product categories that have little to do with each other. This context is necessary to adapt to a variety of challenges. Our goal is to achieve maximum communication with the company to make it possible to customize the service and generate the most added value.