Smart Food Innovation offers a wide selection of services oriented to provide Innovation services to SME companies in Spain.

Added to these services focused on local companies, we also offer support services to companies interested in Spanish food market. Our goal is to provide you with all the key data to assure an excellent introduction of your products in Spain.

Our range of services are grouped in three main areas.

1. Market Intelligence studies. 

Designed to analyse your targeted market in Spain. We collect all the key information about market size, competitors and any information key to analyse if Spanish market is an suitable market for your food products.

2. Product adaptation to local consumer preferences

To reach a successful introduction of products you have to provide to your new potential consumers products designed to fill up consumer expectation. This adaptation may require packaging adaptation or changes in organoleptic characteristics of your product. All this required changes can be pointed for your target consumers. We organize consumers test in order to get the right answers in your product adaptation process.

3. Legal advise

The introduction of food products in Spanish market requires a deep knowledge of Spanish food regulatory framework and how this rules are affected by European directives. We can help you to navigate in all this legal framework to assure you can strictly comply with all laws regarding your products

If you are a Food company interested in Spanish food market, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be pleased to analyse how we can help you to reach our market.